Saturday, 6 October 2012

Dear Colleague,

Thank you for your kind contribution in completing the recent MSLA "How to..." survey.  As a direct result this, the MSLA is proud to be able to present the first set of "How to..." MSL educational seminars.  Please find attached a 'Save the date' flyer with general details.

Full details of content and registration will be released over the next couple of weeks so look out for TEXT reminders from the MSLA and also updates via the MSLA website (

All you need to do now is pencil the dates in your diary

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Medical Scientific Liaison Association


The aims of the MSLA are to provide a common platform in the UK and Ireland to drive value, credibility and sustainability of the Medical and Scientific Liaison (MSL) role. The MSLA mission is to:
  • Create a cross company common forum to share and drive best practice
  • To define and leverage standards of practice to ensure credibility
  • To demonstrate and grow the value of the “MSL” role within the pharmaceutical industry and with external stakeholders.
It is intended, but not limited to, support and help to enhance field based medical and scientific pharmaceutical-industry professionals by:
  • Advocating the highest professional standards of conduct within the Association of British Pharmaceutical Industry code of practice (hereinafter known as the ABPI code)
  • Promoting the MSL role within the pharmaceutical industry and to other organisations
  • Providing a platform for the exchange of knowledge, skills and experience within the field based MSL role
  • Creating a forum for the advancement of all aspects of the MSL professional role
  • Endorsing the provision of high quality training alongside continued professional development
  • Creating and fostering relations with appropriate external bodies